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What you'll do

In a few words…

Get ready. Your passion for design and software is about to have its dream come true. You get to be the architect of Abarcan software. (If you qualify, of course!) That means you get to define enterprise-level design standards for diverse software applications that serve a dynamic and awesome community of internal and external clients. The Principal, Software Engineer will work with business managers, software engineers, quality assurance teams, and technology leadership to provide design guidelines for technical solutions that support complex decision-making. Yup! You get to do all that in a company that rocks the benefit protocols better than any other.

The fundamentals for the job…
  • Set, promote, and execute the technical vision, strategy, and delivery of multiple complex and high-priority projects that directly impact the systems and business strategies of Abarca.
  • Drive the architecture and design of large-scale, multi-tiered, distributed software applications, tools, and services, using object-oriented design and distributed programming.
  • Possess expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices
  • Assist in the career development of others, actively mentoring individuals and the community on advanced technical areas, and helping team leaders guide the career growth of their team members.
  • Exert technical influence over multiple teams, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience Education & Experience.
  • You shall be a living map (like Google, but not really) that provides technical leadership, guidance, and support in the development and deployment of complex mobile and SaaS Applications;
  • Assist in the definition of product requirements and for the creation of high-level architectural specifications, ensuring feasibility, functionality, and integration with existing systems and services;
  • Lead the definition and documentation of development best practices, processes, and methodologies; (Not just a map, a dictionary too!)
  • Create scalable, maintainable designs that support loosely coupled enterprise components and foster reuse of software; (Software Recycling is a thing.)
  • Making high-level design choices and dictating technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms; (The choice is yours, choose wisely.)
  • Creating, defining, and choosing application frameworks for new applications; (In this multiple choice you don't get the “all of the above” option.)
  • Identifying paths from existing to future software architectures; (We told you... you shall be a map. Please include transit in your path finding.)
  • Balancing the creation of value with the management of risk through design; (Kind of like Design Yoga.)
  • Leading efforts in identifying and prototyping with emerging technologies;
  • Cultivating and disseminating knowledge of application development best practices; (You reap what you sow.)
  • Taking an active role in cross-departmental projects when needed;
  • Training, managing, and providing guidance to junior development staff; (Like Obi Wan, you must teach Anakin, even if he becomes someone else.)
  • Researching, investigating, and staying at the forefront of technology (Software Development, SaaS, IaaS, Programming Languages, SDLC, etc.); (Because it's constantly changing and someone needs to keep up.)
  • Directing research on emerging applications' software development products, languages, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.
  • Working closely with Business Analysts, Software Engineers, and users to understand Business and Client needs and create optimal software and technology solutions to address those needs.
What you're made of

The bold requirements…
  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field;
  • 10+ years of experience in Software Engineering/Development (preferred);
  • 3+ years of experience in Software Architecture;
  • Master Shaolin Monk Computer proficiency (Software and Hardware): experience in computer programming using: .NET, ASP.NET, AJAX VB / C#, JavaScript, VB Script, HTML and XML - XSLT, AngularJS, NodeJS, Git. Knowledge of Web and Windows Applications architecture and Microsoft programming, including Azure;
  • Experience as a Full Stack Developer, Microservices and Containers;
  • Minimum 3-4 years of experience with SQL Server, Database Design, T-SQL ,and Stored Procedures (Database replication is a plus);
  • Familiar with Object-Oriented languages and Design Patterns;
  • Extra points if you have knowledge of the Healthcare, Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Benefit Management industries, Medicare Part D, and CMS regulations is a plus;
  • You should be adept at analytical and critical thinking, with a passion for innovation, accountability, strategic thinking and planning, software development, debugging, and business development. You should also be happy working in teams and managing them, and have a particular focus on customer service.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively (read, speak, write, sigh, mime, etc.) in English and Spanish. That means we need to understand you when you do all those things.
That something extra we´d love to see… * Detailed: You notice everything, every little thing; and you rarely forget any of it. Your attention to detail borders on photographic and your spirit animal is a hawk. If anything changes, you notice.
  • Negotiator: Your communication and negotiation tactics are sharp. You're the type of person that can talk their way out of anything. The FBI calls YOU when they need a negotiator. You have a certain aplomb that can take control of a situation and make decisions.
  • Persuasive: Did you take hypnotism courses or something? Because you seem to sway things in your favor with ease. Your charm convinces anyone of anything. No need to insist, you're hired!
  • Focused: You're that little wheel on the lens that keeps everything in focus. Distraction? That's not a word you know. Your goal is your everything and you don't stop until you get there. Racehorses envy you because you need no blinkers to stay on track.
  • Problem Solver: Let's just admit you like problems, but not because you're some sort of drama nerd, you just love SOLVING problems. Sudoku and Crossword puzzle books abound in your bookshelf.
  • Organization Guru: You crave organization like sugar, color-code everything, and messes make you crazy. Marie Kondo learned everything from you. You're that little elf that organizes other people's desks at night.
The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It's simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails.

Abarca Health LLC is an equal employment opportunity employer and participates in E-Verify. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, or other protected group status.

Abarca Health

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